We met with Jen in September 2014.  I needed to lose 100 pounds.  My wife wanted to tone up a bit.  Our first meeting with Jen was a pleasant exchange of what we needed and what she could do for us.  At the end, I asked her to “whip us into shape”.  She promptly responded with “Be careful what you ask for”.  

Six months later, I am half way to my goal of losing 100 pounds.  My wife is where she wants to be.

Jen is responsible for teaching us how to change our lives.  We are responsible for listening to her and acting on most of her suggestions.

We have transformed our lives from eating convenient foods, and often junk foods, to eating lots of great food.  We don’t consider what we are doing as a diet.  We eat lots of food each day.  Simply put, we eat plenty of the right foods now.  Jen is an expert nutritionist and helped us each step of the way.  She knew what our bad habits were based on our initial interviews.  She coached us through the transition.  She suggested alternative foods to satisfy our needs.  She shared recipes with us that are absolutely fantastic. We now eat more fresh, green, wholesome foods than ever before.  Our protein intake is increased, and we enjoy eating plenty of fish, chicken, and venison.  

Jen is also an extremely talented trainer.  We have worked out with her a handful of times learning proper technique.  We work out at home in between seeing Jen.  We are always more tired after working out with her.  We guess that’s her way of "whipping us into shape".  

So after a quick 6 months,  I am half way to my weight loss goal, but will continue this way of life forever.  My wife is at her goal weight, but is also dedicated to this new way of life.  Thanks Jen for changing our lives.   Before starting with Jen I was on blood pressure meds, sugar meds, & cholesterol meds.  In six short months, I am proud to say I no longer take any of these meds.  My numbers have not been this good in a long time.  

Jen’s style pushes us without being pushy, is sincere, and is extremely motivational. 

We have recommended Jen to others and have complete confidence doing so.

We are generally pretty private people.  We don’t tend to write testimonials.  We respect and appreciate Jen so much that we felt compelled to do so.  With social media today we see more testimonials and opinions than ever before.  Testimonials should be reserved for life changing events.   Jen has changed ours forever.  

Thanks Jen!

Ken and Cyndi Brown

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