60 Day Jump Start to Weight Loss & Wellness

Are you tired of being tired? Would you like to lose a few or even a whole bunch of pounds? Do you feel like you could use a little more energy throughout your day? How about lose the weight you want to lose and keep it off for good? Are you looking to improve your health, get off medication and life the healthiest lifestyle you can? If you answered yes to any of these questions, than his program is for you.

This program is designed to guide you through 60 days of health, wellness and weight loss. Food should be your medicine, your energy and your fuel. There is so much information out there on diets and weight loss and even a lot of misinformation on what you should be eating. Most people are just confused and ready to give up. I am here to help. Here is what you will get over the next 60 days:

  1. Over 20 “lessons” delivered straight to your inbox. Each lesson will answer some of the most common questions about food, diets and health. I will help you sift through all the information and misinformation out there so that you will know what to pay attention to and what to ignore.
  2. You will have “assignments” to do on your own at home that will help you figure out exactly what way of eating works for your particular body. This program is very individualized. Certain types of foods and ways of eating that may work great for me, may not work at all for you. So together we are going to figure out exactly what your specific healthy eating plan should be. This will lead to long-term weight loss and health.
  3. You will get over 20 new recipes that work for most eating plans that you can pick and choose from.
  4. Best of all you get SUPPORT! Losing weight is hard. You need support. I will be here all along the way. You can reach me any time over email. In addition, you and I will have 3 scheduled 1hour private and personal calls. On each of these calls we will discuss your progress and really customize your program. This is where we really focus on you. Where are your specific areas of need? What do you want to focus on? We will figure out the proper nutrition for your individual goals.
  5. You will also have access to a private Facebook group where you can post your successes, your questions and any other discoveries you would like. Bounce ideas off of others going through similar experiences.
  6. You will get sample menus you can customize to meet your individual lifestyle and food plans.
  7. Best of all you will get success! Set your goals and I will help you achieve them.
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