Six Month Weight Loss & Life Coaching Program

Have you tried losing weight before? Have you gained and lost weight on fad diets? Are you finding that perhaps your health is not ideal? Maybe you need to lose some weight or you want to get off medication. Maybe you just want to feel better? Do you want to prevent disease in your future, live healthier and really heal your relationship with food? Are you ready to change your life, not just temporarily change your weight? Than this program is for you.

Let me explain why you might want to choose this program. Most of my clients that choose the 6-month program want and need support. This is not short term. This is 6 months of handholding, guidance and accountability that will really change your life. If you think you know what you are doing, but continue to fail or you are someone that sticks with their program for 2 weeks than gives up, you may need the accountability that I can provide. It’s very hard to change the broken relationships we have with food. This program digs deep to help you understand your own personal messed up relationship with food and how it affects every aspect of your life. This is a holistic approach where you will learn more than you ever thought about food, your relationships, your spirituality, your professional life, your physical wellness and how every single thing you put in your mouth affects each one of these. You’ve heard the saying, “old habits die hard.” Well than this is the program you need. It takes time to heal and relearn new healthy habits and lifestyle changes so you can create new habits that will heal you, help you lose the weight you want and live healthier far into your future.

  1. This is not a diet! I could put you on a diet and you would lose weight, probably pretty quickly. But that type of weight loss is usually temporary. Trust me, I have done it dozens of times. Let’s get one thing straight. Weight loss without lifestyle modifications for the long term is not sustainable. Most of us have some sort of messed up relationship with food.   This program is healing. No longer will you feel like food has control over you. You will learn so much in this life-changing program.
  2. I will teach you everything you need to know about food. What food should you eat? What should you stay away from? How often should you eat? What do you need to know about protein, fat and carbs? What about vitamins and supplements? Should you count calories? I will answer all these questions and many more for you.
  3. The program is very individualized for you and your body. We will have two personal sessions a month where we talk for 50 minutes about your individual goals and how to achieve them. We will work with different foods and eating plans based on your individuality to find the plan that leads to the long-term success you have been searching for.
  4. Not only will we address food and weight loss, but we will uncover other issues and really dig down to discover the real reasons you may be eating too much or just eating the wrong foods.
  5. Again, this program is life changing! I can’t say it enough. I thought I was in a pretty good place, healthy weight, exercising, eating mostly the right foods. Then I went through this coaching program. It changed my life! I learned so much about myself I was amazed! Trust me, you will be too!


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