As a certified personal trainer, I know exactly what it takes in terms of exercise to reshape your body. I will help you learn what types of exercise you need to do and how much you should be doing. Together we will work out a program that is designed to help you achieve your specific goals. You won’t have to deal with the stigma of a big gym. No one will be watching you. We work together, just you and I in the privacy of my studio.

If you have a gym or a place to work out at your own home, I will design workouts for you that can be printed out and replicated in the future. So you can come to me 2-3 times a week and take a printed workout with you so that in the future you can do the workouts we design again either at your home or in the fitness facility you belong to.

I have also found that accountability is a huge factor in consistent exercise and getting the results you want. Many of my clients just need to schedule appointments with me not only to learn proper form and new exercise techniques, but to make sure they actually get their weekly exercise in. I have heard many times, “if I didn’t have this appointment with you, I wouldn’t have done anything,” so I am here to keep you accountable.

Training with me is never boring or repetitive. You will learn all kinds of new techniques. I will make sure you are using proper form so you don’t have any injuries. We will experiment with several different types of exercise like TRX, kettlebells, dumbbells, barbells, BOSU, medicine balls, bands and much more.

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