"There really is HOPE"

When I began my journey I was skeptical, but optimistic because I had watched my wife losing so effortlessly. For 4 months I had been running 3 miles and not losing so I decided to give this program a try.” I had suffered from heartburn, exhaustion, knee and back pain, and was wearing size 34 pant. Now I can exercise without pain to my knees. I no longer suffer from heartburn. I have energy and I am in a size 30 pant. I didn't have to starve myself. What seemed impossible has become my reality--there really is HOPE.”

"AWESOME to have life back!"

Kim has lost a total of 112 lbs. She grew up in Sports and had been a fit athlete. After a difficult pregnancy, she gained over 80 lbs. and struggled through 3 surgeries and in and out of the hospital for 3 months. She says, “I could not get healthy” Then I started this program and had a total loss of 112 lbs! Which I still maintain and now run 5K’s passionately and am looking forward to bigger races like 10K’s or ½ marathons! AWESOME to have life back!

Lexi lost 105lbs!

Before this program, Lexi had no idea how to change her relationship with food. She had lost weight before only to gain it back, and then some. This program has taught her how to break the addiction to food and change her mindset so she no longerwould struggle with food. She has went on to lose 105 lbs.!!!

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Live Well for Life

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Eight one on one coaching sessions, customized plan to help you achieve your personal goals, recipes, meal planning, cooking tips, unlimited email support, PLUS you get a health food store tour, cooking class, healthy eating in a restaurant, home kitchen pantry raid and much more. Learn More

60 Day Online Weight Loss

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Have you struggled with your weight in the past?  Would you like to lose some weight, increase your energy, feel and look better and live a healthier lifestyle?  Then you're in the right place.  My name is Jen Maggiore and I am a "recovering yoyo dieter."  I have lived through years of gaining and losing almost 400 pounds before I finally learned how to do it the right way and keep it off.  I am a certified personal trainer and weight loss coach.  I can help you reach your ideal weight and become fit and fabulous through small lifestyle modifications we implement together in your personal individualized program designed to meet your needs and help you reach your goals.

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