fruity pebblesAfter 40 years of listening to the FDA tell us to eat low fat foods loaded with HFCS and sugar and watching our population continue to get fatter and sicker, they are finally realizing that they were wrong!

For the first time they have tucked their tail and actually admitted that fruity pebbles that's "whole grain and fortified" is NOT HEALTH FOOD! Duh! But they would tell us not to eat salmon, nuts, avocado, olive oil and coconut oil because it's bad for you! Wrong! 15 ...years ago when I ate their way, I was 40 pounds heavier and felt horrible! Over the years as I learned how to eat right (not according to the food pyramid) I began reducing inflammation, healing my gut, increasing my energy and losing a LOT of weight. It's too bad it took so long and so many people suffering from being overweight and obesity related diseases before they figured it out. If you'd like to learn the right way to eat and fuel your body to lose all the weight you want, call me for a FREE consultation. I can help. Summer's coming! Why not start now??

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