If you want to lose weight - get FAT!

That's right. You need fat to lose weight. But you have to get the right kinds of fat. The only fat you should NEVER have is Trans Fats. These are the unhealthy fats found in anything with hydrogenated oils - many of the processed quick grocery store foods. I could go on about the science but just remember no Trans Fats. Eat lots of healthy fats like Avocado, Olive oil, salmon, nuts and seeds and yes, organic eggs and even butter! No margarine! Fat makes food taste good and helps keep you full! Sprinkle olive oil or avocado oil on your veggies and roast them - SUPER YUM! Put Coconut oil in your coffee - EVEN YUMMIER! Don't be afraid you'll get fat eating fat. It will actually help you slim down! (as long as you keep the rest of your diet under control) Ask me how!

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