Grieving for Gluten

Celiac disease is a serious illness where the villi lining your gut is actually damaged from consumption of gluten.  How is gluten affecting me?

These tiny villi are like a shag carpet that helps your body absorb nutrients. Over consumption of gluten could be considered the silent root of many health problems. It can have many long-term effects such as fatigue, brain fog, migraines; joint pain, serious GI problems and can even contribute to more serious autoimmune diseases. Only about 8% of the population is diagnosed with Celiac disease. However up to 70% of Americans actually have some gluten sensitivity. The testing for Celiac is not very accurate. In fact, you can be slowly damaging your villi every day you are consuming gluten but not actually get a diagnosis until your villi are completely destroyed. I have heard it compared to diagnosing heart disease only after one has already had a heart attack. The bottom line is this: gluten is not good for anyone and if you are having any kind of problems, you should try eliminating it and you will probably begin to feel better. I did!

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