Green Smoothies

Lately I have been getting a lot of questions about what I eat.  In particular people that see me toting around a large plastic water bottle filled with green stuff want to know what that is and why I am drinking it.  One person (you know who you are) even lovingly called it my green slime!  So today I am going to explain what that green bottle of goodness is and why I drink it and why you too should be drinking it.  I call them my green smoothies.  First I want to talk about the growing trend of "juicing" and why I am not really a fan. This is where you purchase a really expensive machine and basically put any and all fruits or veggies through it to create a pure juice.  Then you have all the leftover parts and mess to clean up and that's no fun!  All the vitamins, minerals and nutrients are squeezed into a tiny glass of juice.  This isn't necessaryily a bad thing, but you lose all the fiber from the whole fruit or vegetable.  Also if you are juicing fruits, you have just concentrated all the sugars.  Drinking this pure juice is like a shot of straight sugar to your blood.  If you eat the whole fruit, you at least have the added fiber to slow down the sugar shock.  Thta's why I prefer to make what I call green smoothies.  Here's what I do.

Start with a great blender.  I like Nutribullet, but there are plenty of good ones out there.  Don't spend a ton of money on it either!  

I start with 4-5 ice cubes because I like it cold and frothy.  Fill your cup halfway or more with greens.  I use spinach, kale, collards, any dark leafy green.  Then I throw in a few cucumber slces because I like the freshness.  For me, I like fruit flavored smoothies so I use a berry flavored protein powder, 1/2 cup berry flavored water, 1/2 cup plain water and blend it up.  That's my usual.  But you can do anything you like.  Add berries or banana if you like that.  Apple right now makes a great sweetener.  You can also blend up any veggie you like.  The only one I find doesn't blend really well is broccoli.  You might just end up with some of those teeny tiny greeen pieces stuck in your teeth and that's never good!  But if you have a good machine, almost anything else goes!  Experiment and give it a try!



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