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Have you ever gained a few pounds between October and January?  I know I have.  Have you been tempted time after time during the holiday season by halloween candy, savory delicious Thanksgiving meals, Holiday parties, fancy cocktails and appetizers, Christmas Dinner, New Years Brunch and the list goes on and on?  Most of us are.  

You might want to consider my new Healthy Holiday program.  This is a one time, fast paced way to learn how to manage the holiday temptation and NOT gain the extra weight!  Sign up today!  Here's what you get:

  1. Tips and tricks to manage temptation
  2. What foods you should increase in your diet
  3. What foods you should eliminate or decrease in your diet
  4. How to curb cravings 
  5. How to break your sugar addiction
  6. Healthy recipes and substitutions
  7. Time saving tips for planning, prepping and cooking healthy foods
  8. What does crowding out mean and why should you do it?
  9. The truth about protein, carbs and fat
  10. The most important healthy eating strategies to implement TODAY to start weight loss and prevent weight gain

The format of the program is four 50 minute conference calls where I will talk about the topic for 30-40 minutes followed by 10-20 minutes of question and answer.  The calls will be recorded so if you have to miss one, you will have one week to listen to it at your convenience.

All this for just a one time low fee of 159.00.

Sign up here:


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